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East Zone Subject company - Mcleod Russel

posted Oct 11, 2012, 2:35 AM by Biharilal Deora CFA

East Zone - Mcleod Russel India Ltd, Ticker: 532654 (BSE), MCLEODRUSSEQ (NSE)


Profile: McLeod Russel has been growing tea in India since 1869 and is the largest tea producing company in the world. They manage 47 tea estates in the Assam Valley, 6 tea estates in the Dooars region of West Bengal, 3 factories in Vietnam and 6 estates in Uganda and have management control of the world renowned Gisovu estate in Rwanda.. Every year the estates produce approximately 100 million kilograms of black tea, which is marketed worldwide under the registered Elephant trademark. 

Students are requested to start their own readings/secondary research on the company. We will announce the company presentation/con call dates for next week shortly. Please email us at for any questions. To check your college zone, please click here


Official Rules - 2012-13

2.4 Research

Only Team Members may conduct research on the Subject Company for the purposes of the CFA Institute Research Challenge. Teams may use only publicly available information in conducting their research.

a) Teams may utilize their Industry Mentor or Faculty Adviser as resources, but may not enlist the help of any other professionals in conducting research specific to the Subject Company.

b) The research reports and Presentations should be prepared from the perspective of an independent research analyst. 

c) Teams can read existing research on the Subject Company, but all analysis should be their own; they may not copy analysis (i.e. plagiarize) from another source into their Written Reports or Presentations.

The Subject Company may provide Teams with an informational session. The informational session may be followed by a question and answer session during which time Teams may pose questions to the Subject Company and the Subject Company may respond. Teams may send one follow-up communication to the Subject Company. When contacting the Subject Company, each Team must confine its contact to those corporate officers who normally interact with investors, such as IR officers, CEO’s or CFO’s. Teams may not contact the Subject Company for the purposes of the CFA Institute Research Challenge other than the informational session, the question-and-answer session, and the one permitted follow-up communication.

Teams may contact the Subject Company’s customers, competitors, and suppliers in conducting research, including surveys; however, each Team Member must identify him/herself as a student and disclose his/her participation in the CFA Institute Research Challenge.

Prior to contacting the Subject Company, its customers, competitors or suppliers, the Team must submit its questions to the Faculty Adviser or Industry Mentor. The Faculty Adviser or Industry Mentor must participate in each contact but only for the purpose of ensuring that no material non-public information is discussed. Faculty Advisers and Industry Mentors are not permitted to ask any questions or provide any opinions on the Subject Company. The Faculty Adviser or Industry Mentor will not count towards the maximum number of hours allotted for Faculty Adviser or Industry Mentor involvement.