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Enhance your knowledge about the Global Financial Crisis, Take an online RF course

posted Jul 31, 2013, 5:13 AM by Biharilal Deora CFA

Dear IRC Participant,

As you progress towards making  a career in Investment Management and the upcoming India Research challenge, we realize you would need hands on expertise on how Global Financial Crisis has changed the world and the investment landscape including portfolio management, risk management, and theory, as well as creating new challenges.

In order to equip you with the knowledge, We are delighted to offer you a Free online Course on Investment Management after the Global Financial Crisis by Research Foundation of CFA Institute. 

We strongly recommend you to take the course as part of Research Challenge Participation

This course is intended for asset managers, portfolio managers, consultants, wealth managers, and institutional investors and anyone intending to have a deeper understanding of the investment management process.

The course includes 10 individual sessions drawn from chapters in the monograph, as well as one chapter from another Research Foundation monograph, The Psychology of Ethics in the Finance and Investment Industry. The estimated time for completion of each session is one hour and the estimated time for completing all 10 sessions in this course is 10 hours.

Session 1: Comparison of static versus dynamic asset allocation

Session 2: Practical applications of dynamic asset allocation

Session 3: Failures in risk management during the crisis

Session 4: Advances in risk measurement to accommodate alternative investments

Session 5: Cost-cutting strategies used by motivated institutional and retail investors as a result of the substantial amount of wealth destroyed during the crisis

Session 6: Ethical concerns of continental Europe versus Anglo-Saxon cultures and ethical challenges for asset managers in the wake of the crisis

Sessions 7 and 8: Challenges the crisis has created for institutional investors, consultants, and asset managers, including competition, survival, and industry restructuring

Sessions 9 and 10: Update on views of modern portfolio theory, new theories underlying market crashes, and an introduction to state-of-the-art risk management techniques and advances in risk theory

Although not required, you are encouraged to read the foreword and preface of the monograph. Chapters 5 and 8 are also suggested reading for discussions on the changing roles of asset managers and consultants and employment/compensation trends.

Members who successfully complete this course can earn 10 CE credits, including 1 SER credit. After completing the course, credit can be easily recorded from our website, or you can self-report for individual sessions. Individual sessions qualify for 1 CE credit each, which includes 1 SER credit for session 6. (CE rules apply)

Successful completion is defined as reading the assigned material, taking the associated self-test(s), and correctly answering 3 of the 4 self-test questions per session. Members are also encouraged to provide feedback about the course through an optional course evaluation accessible after course completion.

Course takers are encouraged to join our Quora discussion board to facilitate responses to questions on course content. Please note that you will need to create an account on Quora in order to join this discussion board.

On successful completion of the course, you can generate a online certificate for your participation. You might have to create a login on CFA Institute website to access the course.

Course Link : 

(Please access the same in Internet Explorer or Safari only)

Duration : 5-10 hours in total depending on your understanding level

This content is provided for continuing professional development purposes and is not intended to be used as preparation for the CFA or CIPM Program examination or as a substitute for study of the CFA or CIPM Program curriculum.