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Online Course: Enhance your knowledge Post-Crisis Markets, Expectations, and Asset Allocation

posted Aug 16, 2013, 11:05 AM by Research Challenge India

Dear IRC Participant,

As you progress towards making  a career in Investment Management and the upcoming India Research challenge, we realize you would need hands on expertise on how Global Financial Crisis has changed the world and the investment landscape including portfolio management, risk management, and theory, as well as creating new challenges.

This course provides a modern framework for forming capital market expectation and making asset allocation decisions in a rapidly changing, global environment. It is intended for asset managers, portfolio managers, consultants, wealth managers, and institutional investors.

In order to equip you with the knowledge, We are delighted to offer you a Free online Course on Investment Management after the Global Financial Crisis by Research Foundation of CFA Institute. We strongly recommend you to take the course as part of Research Challenge Participation

This course is intended for asset managers, portfolio managers, consultants, wealth managers, and institutional investors and anyone intending to have a deeper understanding of the investment management process.

The course includes eight individual sessions, each composed of a webcast or podcast from CFA Institute conferences. The estimated time for completion of each session is one hour, and the estimated time for completing the course is eight hours.

Session 1: Financial thought leader and former PIMCO partner Paul McCulley lays the foundation for the course with a dynamic discourse on understanding the forces that shape the economies of modern society. 1 CE credit


Session 2: Sebastien Page, CFA, executive vice president at PIMCO, demonstrates why traditional asset class diversification leaves portfolios susceptible to highly correlated risks and how to form more resilient portfolios by diversifying among risk factors instead of asset classes. 0.5 CE credit


Sessions 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7: These sessions consist of five webcasts by industry experts discussing correlations and allocation among inflation assets, bonds and equities, currencies, and liquid and illiquid assets. They cover why the most reliable inflation assets are not the best inflation hedges, how to take the guesswork out of fixed-income allocation, why capital controls are back in vogue, and when to hedge currency exposure. Sessions 3, 4, and 6 are worth 0.5 CE credits each. Sessions 5 and 7 are worth 1 CE credit each.      


Session 8: Because generating superior investment results depends on the ability to make thoughtful, well-informed decisions, the course concludes with a behavioral finance podcast on how to avoid common cognitive errors that can lead to costly investment decision-making mistakes among even the most skilled investors. 1 CE credit

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Duration : 8 hours in total depending on your understanding level


This content is provided for continuing professional development purposes and is not intended to be used as preparation for the CFA or CIPM Program examination or as a substitute for study of the CFA or CIPM Program curriculum.