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Regional Final Presentation – Clarification

posted Oct 23, 2013, 4:19 AM by Research Challenge India   [ updated Oct 23, 2013, 4:47 AM ]

All teams please note that as per the format of the challenge, each team would need to make a presentation of their investment thesis to a panel of three distinguished judges at the zonal final.

The presentation is separate from the written report and doesn’t have any formatting guidelines. Teams needs to identify / introduce themselves in the PPT with the Team Code provided by us instead of the actual college name.

Rule 2.6 from Official rule book

  • Each Team may make a Presentation of its findings to a panel of Judges. Teams may utilize their Industry Mentor or Faculty Advisor as resources, but may not enlist the help of any other professionals in preparing or evaluating the presentation. The Presentation can include the use of Powerpoint or other presentation software. The students may not hand the judges any printed materials before/after the Presentations but the Society should print out the Presentation slides for each Team and distribute to the Judges before the Local Final.
  • Only Team Members may participate in the Presentation. The Presentation must be in English. The Presentation is limited to 10 minutes, however, an additional 10 minutes will be provided to answer questions posed by the Judges. Only Judges are permitted to pose questions to a Team during a Presentation.
  • Teams may not use props**  in their Presentation.
  • Each Presentation will be timed and the time-keeper will provide a one minute warning and an announcement when time has expired. When the timekeeper announces that time has expired, Teams must immediately conclude the Presentation.
  • Teams may not listen to other Presentations prior to their own Presentation. A separate room should be reserved for Teams to wait before their allotted Presentation time. The Presentations will be judged according to Attachment E.

** A prop is defined as an object used by students to enhance or illustrate an aspect of the team presentation.  


A Sample presentation from Last year’s winner is posted here:

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Tips and tricks from past winners

Official Rule Book -