All deadlines mentioned below are tentative and general. Each Zone/participating team may have a individual separate deadline. Please confirm deadline for your team at
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ResponsibilityDescriptionLast DateRemarks
ResponsibilityDescriptionLast DateRemarks
Participant Faculty/Mentor Meetings (ongoing)  On going 
Participant Send student/team details August 1, 2016 Participating Teams & Student Details 
Participant University Application August 10, 2016 University Application 
Participant Complete online Ethics Training (Individually)  August 18, 2016 Ethics Training  
Participant Registration with CFA Institute August 22, 2016 Refer to IAIP Team Email - Will be circulated on 22nd August 2016 
IAIP Challenge Team Mentor - Introduction September 7, 2016 Contact Us 
Participant Zone 4_Attend Con Call September 12, 2016 Announcement 
Participant Zone 2_Attend Con Call September 27, 2016 Announcement 
Participant Zone 3_Attend Con Call September 30, 2016 Announcement 
Participant Zone 1_Attend Con Call October 3, 2016 Announcement 
Participant Zone 4_Report Submission Deadline October 19, 2016 Announcement 
Participant Zone 2_Report Submission Deadline November 3, 2016 Announcement 
Participant Zone 3_Report Submission Deadline November 6, 2016 Announcement 
Participant Zone 1_Report Submission Deadline November 9, 2016 Announcement 
Participant India National Finals - Mumbai January 28, 2017 TBA 
Participant APAC Final March 15, 2017 APAC Finals at Bangkok, Thailand 
Participant Global Finals April 28, 2017 Global Finals at Prague, Czech Republic 
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