Student Participant

Important Disclosure regarding Conflict of Interest

  • Disclosure: All participants in the CFA Institute Research Challenge, including Hosts, Teams, Team Members, Industry Mentors, Faculty Advisors, Judges and Graders have an obligation to avoid actual or potential conflicts of interest with their participation. A conflict of interest may exist when a participant or a participant’s family member or close friend is involved in activities that may impact the participant’s ability to perform their role fairly and impartially. A conflict may be actual or perceived. To avoid any actual or perceived conflicts of interest, each participant must disclose to CFA Institute Research Challenge in India in writing any potential conflicts, including but not limited to any ownership interest in the Subject Company and any close personal or professional relationships with employees at the Subject Company. Judges and Graders must further disclose any close personal or professional relationship with Team Members, Industry Mentors or Faculty Advisors

Other Guidelines

  • Role: Student participants are the core of the competition. Student teams represent universities to compete in the CFA Institute Research Challenge in India and the winning team advance to compete in the regional round. During the process, students demonstrate their analytical skills, mentored by industry experts, gain knowledge from their faculty advisor and are thoroughly judged by experienced panelists.
  • Selection: Student Teams are selected by their universities. Only one team may represent a university. For example, a university may not have 1 Team comprised of undergraduate students and 1 Team of graduate students competing. Only 1 of these Teams is allowed to represent their university.
  • Team Leader: Team leaders serve as the main point of contact between the challenge committee/mentor/industry advisor and the student’s team. Leaders are responsible to ensure that teams follow deadlines. It is important to that the team have effective and efficient leaders. Team Leader is selected by the team or the university/faculty.
  • Number of students in each team: A Team must consist of no fewer than 3 and no more than 5 members. There can be no alternates. If a Team loses one of its members, that member can be replaced no later than 2 weeks prior to the submission of the written report. If a Team falls below 3 members after this date, they are immediately disqualified/eliminated from the competition
  • Advancement to regional and global rounds: Teams that are selected to participate at the Regional and Global levels must consist of the same Team Members who participated at the Local level, except to the extent that if a Team Member is unable to participate in the Regional or Global levels, the Team may still compete as long as they have no fewer than 3 members.
  • Team member requirement: Each team member must:
  • Confirm participation to no later than the date of the Local level Kick-Off Meeting (or an earlier date as notified to university contact person(s) by competition staff).
  • Agree to abide by the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.
  • Be a currently enrolled college or university student with at least a part-time course load (as determined by the university) in an undergraduate or graduate program at the time of the Local level Kick-Off Meeting. If the Team Member has graduated at the time of the Local, Regional or Global final, the Team Member may still participate in the competition.  
  • Complete official registration on the CFA Institute Research Challenge website no later than 2 weeks prior to the submission of the written report (or an earlier date as notified to university contact person(s) by competition staff).
  • Complete the Recommended “Ethical Standard for Investment Professionals: An Interactive Case-Based Course” interactive webcast on the CFA Institute website. (please see ethical standards training and other requirements for more details)
  • Ineligibility: An individual is ineligible to be a Team Member, if that individual:
  • has previously participated as a Team Member in the Challenge.
  • has, or is, employed in a role whose primary duty involves fundamental company analysis, unless the Team Member was an intern and the cumulative time the primary duty involved fundamental company analysis was less than 500 hours (at the time of the local final).
  • has been, or is, a Charterholder.
  • has been sanctioned by the CFA Institute Professional Conduct Program.
  • Involvement: Students involvement in the research challenge is usually for a period of 3-4 months (except for winning teams that proceed to regional and global rounds). Prior to submission of written reports, the students should attend:
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Company Presentation
  • Meeting with Faculty Advisor (maximum 10 hours)
  • Meeting with Industry Mentor (maximum 6 hours)
  • After submission of research report: After submission of research reports, CFA Institute Research Challenge in India will select number of teams that will participate in the panel presentation based on written report scores from graders. Notification will be sent to teams that advance to the presentation round of the local challenge.
  • Registration for each event: Prior to each event (such as Kick-off meeting, company presentation etc), CFA Institute Research Challenge in India team will send registration link to participants for online registration.Only registered participants are allowed to participate in the event, if you are unsure of your availability, register first and email us later ( of the reason you are unable to attend. The communication tools for sending the registration link could be through email to faculty in charge and/or email to all participants and/or email to team leaders and/or announcement page of Research Challenge website and/or other tools and communication modes as necessary.
  • Advise and assistance from industry mentor/faculty advisor: (IMPORTANT) Industry Mentors and Faculty advisor should advise students on their research methods and analysis, but cannot perform any research or write any portion of the report. Industry mentors and Faculty Advisor may NOT contact the subject company, or any of its affiliates, distributors, suppliers or competitors. Faculty advisor may supervise student on such contacts.
  • Time log: (IMPORTANT) at the START and END of each meeting with Industry Mentors and faculty advisor, the students must present their time log (using only the format given by CFA Institute Research Challenge in India) to Industry Mentors and faculty advisor. Industry Mentors and faculty advisor will sign next to the time of start and end of meeting to confirm that the students log is factual. Industry Mentors and faculty advisor have been requested NOT start their guidance until the students present them with a time log. Once the stipulated time has been used up the students must cease request for any further advise from faculty advisor and industry mentors.
  • Analysis for Research: The rule states that "The research reports and presentations should be prepared from the perspective of a sell-side or independent research analyst". Students can read research reports prepared by analysts on the company, but all analysis included in the research report should be your own. Students cannot cut and paste analysis from another source into their research reports or presentations. The data sources for all tables, graphs, etc. must be cited.
  • Research Report Format: (VERY IMPORTANT) Research report must follow format provided by CFA Institute Research Challenge in India (please read Research Report Format guideline for more details)
  • Scheduling with Industry Mentors: Students are advised to check with the Industry Mentor a few days in advance through email only (unless the mentors have permitted the students to call them on cell-phones or other communication tools) regarding his schedule and fix up a suitable time to meet. Please note that Industry Mentors are busy professionals who have volunteered to help out students, therefore teams should work around mentor's timetable and not vice-versa.
  • Agenda for Discussion with Mentors: It is advisable that the students send the agenda of the meeting to the industry mentor 1-2 days prior to the meeting. 
  • Confirmation email to Mentors: After the end of each meeting, students are advised to send a confirmatory email to Mentor regarding points discussed and clearly chart out action points and follow up dates.
  • Additional Time with Faculty Advisors/Mentors: Teams may spend an additional 2 hours with their industry mentors for each local, regional, or global final in which the team participates and may spend additional 3 hours with their faculty advisor for each local, regional, or global final in which the team participates 

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