Public Sources

Writing Sell side Research – Information sources

We thought it would be good idea to list down few places where one can get publicly available information about the subject company without much effort. A proper skillful use of these sources could prove to be very crucial for get­ting the basics right before you make an invest­ment case. A basic learn­ing of these sources will make you more effec­tive in gen­er­at­ing the ini­tial research story around a com­pany and/or industry.

The Com­pany Web­site: Things to look for
  • Mission, Vision statement, about us, man­age­ment team, board of direc­tors, prod­ucts and also recent news releases. 
  • Review past events, investor pre­sen­ta­tions, last quar­terly/annual report and latest earning call transcripts etc 
Google/other Search Engines/Wikipedia
  • Of course, Googling the com­pany name is the first thing you would do, but use advanced search features by adding terms like “[prod­uct name] reviews” or “alter­na­tives” or “prob­lems” or “legal cases” or “feedback” might turn up arti­cles that are more relevant, obscure and full of infor­ma­tion. 
  • Be cre­ative with the search engine. You can also try similar techniques in other social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc 
Rating Agencies report (CRISIL, ICRA, CARE, FITCH)
  • Often, the company’s debt would be rated and you can get information from credit rating agencies report/press releases. 
Environmental/Govt Agencies
  • Generally, most project documents, government approvals, CAG audit reports, tenders, and large plant details would be available on State or Central government’s relevant departmental website. 
  • One good place would be Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) where you can view the public documents of any company by paying a very small fees 
Finance websites (E.g. Google Finance, Bloomberg etc):
  • Most finance websites could prove out to be the best place to get stock his­tory, basic finan­cial infor­ma­tion, upcom­ing investor events, news releases, sector reports, global coverage and competitor’s data. 
  • Some of these websites also allows you to take share prices charts, comparable company charts, sector indexes etc. 
Stock Exchange/ other Industry Orga­ni­za­tions:
  • Stock exchange (BSE, NSE) website for details like notices, latest results, shareholding patters 
  • Corporate filings website
  • Regulator (SEBI) website for past equity prospectus (DRHP) or Debt prospectus could provide valuable history 
Regional/Local News­pa­pers:
  • Look for the national as well as regional paper, that’s where you can get more detailed flavor of what’s happening with the company. They often have more con­tent on the man­age­ment than national sources. 
Other uncommonly sources
If you are aware of any other good pub­lic resource we missed please email us at