Testimonial from Last year's Winner Team - IIM Shillong (2010-2011 Challenge) - See Winner Tips presentation
"The CFA Institute Research Challenge in India provided us with a unique opportunity to get initiated into fundamental equity analysis and network with stalwarts – professionals and academicians - from the investment management industry.  The entire journey starting from the East Zone finals to the Asia Pacific finals and in the process interacting and meeting with some of the best minds in the world of finance has been one of the greatest learning experiences in all respects for the entireteam.  We place in high regard, the constant guidance, feedback and support from various members of IAIP at every stage of the competition. The event also gave us enormous exposure in terms of peer learning from students belonging to leading universities in the Asia Pacific region.

But above all, the opportunity to represent India on a global stage is something that we never dreamt of and will remain as one of the greatest achievements of our career. We hope Team India will continue to better this performance in the coming years and we wish them good luck."

Testimonial from 2009-10 Winner Team - S.P. Jain (2009-2010 Challenge) - See Winner Tips presentation
 “The CFA Institute Research Challenge was an immense learning experience for us as it exposed us to the “real” world of investment analysis, provided us with an opportunity to put finance theory into practice and to “sell” our investment idea to a demanding audience of leading and highly accomplished investment professionals.  It provided networking opportunities with industry leaders that deepened our understanding of investment principles. We sincerely thank and appreciate the support and guidance received from all members of IAIP for the event and after.”


Testimonial from Last year's Final Runner-up Team - IFMR Chennai (2010-2011 Challenge)

" CFA Institute Research Challenge in India  was indeed a very good experience, mentoring by industry people, management meet and feedback by high profile judges gave us practical insight of the investment research world. We believe the CFA Institute Research Challenge in India  is the best platform available to students who are serious about making a career in the investment research industry. The kind of exposure it offers is unmatched, its the closest you will come to understanding how the industry works as a student. It was a very positive experience, made unforgettable by the support of the mentor,organizers and judges. Believing that you are good at it is one thing, but the legends of the industry telling you the same is a far different and spellbinding experience "

Testimonial from IIT Kanpur (2010-2011 Challenge)

 " CFA Institute Research Challenge in India was an experience that will remain in our resumes for a long time. This competition actually requires one to apply all the theory learned in the class from various aspects - be it strategy, corporate finance or even quantitative methods. The guidance one receives from industry mentor and faculty advisor is very valuable and helps in applying the theory in practice. In the entire process, our team learned a lot at each step. CFA Institute Research Challenge in India also gave us an opportunity to listen to critical comments of experts on our work and an opportunity to interact with them. Overall it is a great "learning experience irrespective of outcome "

 Testimonial from Anurag Kimothi CFA - Volunteer  

 " CFA Institute Research Challenge in India  is an ideal platform for aspiring analysts to get initiated on what awaits them in the real world. The experiences I had as a mentor and a judge for CFA Institute Research Challenge in India were very enriching. The quality of interactions I had with seasoned professionals and enthusiastic participants helped me with my own edification. Kudos to CFA Institute and IAIP for organizing such an event. "

 Testimonial from Pramod Dangi CFA - Volunteer

"Many times, working with the new teams gives fresh thought to look at the things from different prospective. As mentor while you are guiding students on a proper path, you are not binding them with any particular approach. Thus letting students to unleash their potential while same time learning yourself. As someone said "Sharing knowledge leads to gaining knowledge".

Testimonial MDI, Gurgaon - (2010-2011 Challenge)

 “CFA Institute Research Challenge in India provided us with the opportunity to get a hands-on experience in Investment Research. The most important part of the competition for the participants is the interaction with the mentors, judges and the subject company. The insights that are provided by the faculty and industry mentors extend far beyond what we learn in the classrooms. The final report which we prepared utilizing all available resources was the biggest ‘Aha!’ moment for all of us. The competition also helped us in smoothing some of the rough edges just before the final placements. We feel privileged to be a part of this competition. The website for the competition looks great. Some of the resources seem to be really helpful. Kudos to IAIP Challenge team for the fine work. "