Report Format

Report Format

All participating teams of CFA Institute Research Challenge are required to use the following guidelines for Research Report formatting.

Please note that each team must adhere to the following report format strictly. Please note that there are no rules/formatting guidelines for presentation. If you have any questions with respect to report format, please email us at


Official Rules:

Please refer section 2.6 “ Written report”


The written report must
• be no longer than 10 pages (not including the front cover page provided by CFA Institute) on A4-sized paper (210 mm × 297 mm, 8.27” × 11.69”), although you may include an appendix no longer than 20 A4-sized pages;
• be properly cited using a generally accepted citation system. Generally accepted citation systems include, but are not limited to, the Chicago Manual of Style, the Harvard referencing system, and MLA (Modern Language Association) style.
• include the following information in a header on the first page:
o Company name
o Exchange
o Ticker symbol
o Sector/Industry
o Recommendation (buy/sell/hold)
o Current price (as of __ date)
o Target price (% increase/decrease)
• contain only publicly available information;
• be the original work of the team members;
• be prepared from the perspective of an independent research analyst;
• be submitted to the local-level host by the deadline established by the host;
• include the front cover provided by CFA Institute with the information in highlighted text filled in (teams must not alter any other part of the cover page, including the CFA Institute logo); and
• contain (but not limited to*) the following sections:
o Business description
o Industry overview and competitive positioning
o Investment summary
o Valuation
o Financial analysis
o Investment risks
o Environmental, social, and governance
*You may also include other headings for important information not otherwise covered in the previously listed sections

The reports will be graded based on the scoring rubric as prescribed in official rules. Take note of the comments section, which presents reasons why points may be deducted from each section.


PDF and Doc Version

Please make sure that you send the PDF version for the report along with the word document since the margins for the word document can be really messed-up if anyone opens the same in a newer or older version of Microsoft office (eg. opening 2010 version in an older version or similar).


Hard copy of the report

Please double check a printed version (hard copy) of your report for any visible formatting errors vs. the PDF/Doc version. Lot of graders would be getting a hard copy of the report for grading and once you submit the report, you won't be allowed to change anything.


Team Code: A code will be given to you to be mentioned on front cover 

Please ensure that your actual college name or Pseudo team name is not mentioned anywhere in the report including headers/footers or as sources to the charts/tables. For all practical purposes, use Student Research as the source for your own data/tables/charts. The only place where you would mention the actual name of the university/college is on the file name which you submit. We will provide you Team code which should be used for written report/PPT/Zonal final.




Last year Global Winner’s Report (may not be in sync with New rules, can be used to see the quality of research rather than the formatting)

Winning report ( 2013-14) : 
Winning report (2012-13) :


2013-14 Global Winner's Video


Presentation copy 
Videos of presentations are here (2013-14):


Last year's Asia Pacific Winner's Report ( " Report_NMIMS India_Asia Pac Winner_HDFC Bank.pdf " )

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